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Kanga Hi-Power Green 16ft trampoline package

RRP £719.99

NOW £459.99


  • 16ft trampoline
  • 130 x 178mm springs
  • 1.8mm steel frame
  • PP woven jump mat
  • FREE 2.7m safety enclosure
  • FREE ladder
  • FREE spring tensioning tool
  • 16ft trampoline
  • 130 x 178mm springs
  • 1.8mm steel frame
  • PP woven jump mat
  • FREE 2.7m safety enclosure
  • FREE ladder
  • FREE spring tensioning tool

This trampoline is a higher specification model and will give the best bounce characteristics for heavier jumpers, taking a maximum user weight of 150kg (23 stone). This is perfect for users approaching or within teenage years and beyond as the higher spring count increases tension in the jump mat - giving better response to those applying more pressure.

It sits 88cm from the ground and its 12ft frame gives a 14' 4" jump area.

Trampoline Dimensions

Trampoline height:88cm
Safety net height:180cm
Total height:270cm
Jump mat width:442cm
Total width:487cm

FREE Jump Trampoline Socks

with every trampoline purchase

Retail price: £9.99

Choose from XS/S/M/L/XL
Additional pairs only £2.99

Trampoline Features

Sturdy Frame

This trampoline comes with a frame made from 1.8mm steel. This gives a little extra strength For durability and peace of mind. We would particularly recommend this if you think your trampoline will be getting extensive use or if it will be used a lot by adults. The frame Is hot galvanised inside and out to give lasting protection against rust or corrosion. The legs have a recurved design which provides impact resistance and durability.

Responsive Springs

The 130 springs used in this trampoline are made of 3.2mm steel, and the length and width have been selected to give the correct level of tension. The number of springs in a trampoline affects its bounce characteristics. A lower number of springs will make a trampoline more springy but less powerful; a higher number of springs gives a trampoline greater lift potential but it needs more weight to stretch the springs. So for smaller, lighter children choosing a trampoline with too many springs may be counter-productive, but as they get bigger and heavier the added power will give them greater lift.

High Spec Jump Mat

The mat used for this trampoline is an American-designed polyprolylene mat, which has enough elasticity to be comfortable to bounce on and not to wear out, but is durable enough not to stretch. It is also permeable, allowing air through to improve the bounce and allowing water to drain away easily if it gets wet. It is also UV-resistant to protect against sun damage.

Tough Stitching

At least 6 layers of stitching are used to attach the rings to the edge of the mat, giving more than enough strength and protection for your peace of mind. The rings used are an angular shape, rather than round, as they have proven to be tougher and to hold the shape of the bounce mat more effectively.

Safety Padding

The edge of the trampoline and the springs are covered with a closed cell foam padding, which provides much better water resistance than some cheaper foams do. This padding is deliberately wide, protruding into the mat slightly and wrapping around the edge of the frame outside to ensure that all these parts are covered.

Safety Enclosure

We are passionate about safety and will only sell trampolines with safety enclosures as we believe them to be extremely important. The net on this trampoline can be fixed into the underside of the trampoline to ensure there are no gaps, and the poles are held in place by specially moulded clips to prevent unwanted slips or movement.
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